Autism In Girls

AUTISM in GIRLS: 5 Social Anxiety Traits (YOU need to know)

Autism in Girls Autism in Girls is often missed, find out why one of the main traits is social anxiety in this video. Some autism  symptoms in girls can sometimes not be seen to the untrained eye and this is READ MORE

Autism And Sleep

Autism and Sleep: (Will Changing Mattress help YOU?)

Autism and sleep is a big issue, but will changing you mattress help? Find out in this video. SIMBA Mattress:  Autism and sleep disorders and very common and lots of people with an autism spectrum condition develop issues or bad READ MORE


ASPERGERS: Should YOU use Melatonin For SLEEP?

Does melatonin for sleep help people with Aspergers? Find out in this video! So the big question is how to help a child with aspergers sleep, or does melatonin for sleep help people on the autism spectrum? There are a READ MORE

Sensory Processing Disorder

5 Sensory Processing Disorder Effective help TIPS (2018)

Sensory Processing Disorder This tip will help you if you have Sensory Processing Disorder FAST. Sensory processing disorder autism is a well known issues lots of people looking at a sensory processing disorder checklist will notice that a lot of READ MORE



7 MOST Common Aspergers Symptoms (TRAITS) Want to know if you have Aspergers? These are 7 of the most common Aspergers symptoms. Do I have Aspergers? This is a question I see all the time on my comments, where people READ MORE