Clothing For Autism [ASD Basics]

Clothing For Autism & Autistic People

Clothing for autism can be hard to find, with ASD Basics is a new clothing line designed perfectly for people with an Autism Spectrum Condition.


ASD Basics T-Shirt Clothing For Autism
ASD Basics T-Shirt Clothing For Autism

ASD Basic T-Shirt

The Idea behind ASD Basics is to create a stress free clothing line for your needs.

Making the items soft gives the user a comfy and cosy item to wear at casually or professionally.

No tags! Keeping the elimination of tags from the items was a must for the ease of the user to be happy knowing no tags are on these items.

The design is a calm and relaxed embroidery so the item stays consistent and looks the same after ever wash.




ASD Basic Hoodie

The hoodie is of the same build and uses the exact same quality guidelines as the T-Shirt. No tags, comfy and consistent.Clothing For Autism

There is only a limited number of each of these items in the initial drop so get yours NOW! Click HERE to go to shop.

ASD Basics is the fresh new line of Autism and SEN clothing designed specially for your needs.

Exclusive to The Aspie World, you won’t find these items anywhere else on the internet.