Autism and Sleep: (Will Changing Mattress help YOU?)

Autism And Sleep

Autism and sleep is a big issue, but will changing you mattress help? Find out in this video.

SIMBA Mattress: 

Autism and sleep disorders and very common and lots of people with an autism spectrum condition develop issues or bad autism and sleep patterns.

Autism and sleep problems are nothing new, and I know personally how this can impact your day with you have autism and not sleeping. That being said, there are some ways that you can help if you are like me and autism and sensory sensitivity is an issue for you.

The awesome people at SIMBA sent me one of their mattress to try for 30 days to see if this would be of help to sleeping issues and i made a kind of autism vlog and sleep problems autism.

There are a lot of autism sleep medication available for autism treatment when it comes to sleep but lots of people are in need of autism and sleep problems advice to avoid taking any un-needed medication.

I found this specific difference in mattress to help increase my overall sleep quality by 4% on the data I obtained from my sleep cycle app. Also I personally feel about 70% better with this mattress than the bog standard mattresses that I have been using in the past.

Autism Alert Card

It isn’t to say that all sleep problems in autism can be cured with this change but I do believe that if you have a good high quality mattress made to help you have a better night sleep, then you will increase your sleep quality and improve your life.

Sleeping is so important to our lives so I would always invest in good quality sleeping apparatus.




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