AUTISM in GIRLS: 5 Social Anxiety Traits (YOU need to know)

Autism In Girls

Autism in Girls

Autism in Girls is often missed, find out why one of the main traits is social anxiety in this video.

Some autism  symptoms in girls can sometimes not be seen to the untrained eye and this is called masking.

Some of the main signs of autism in females is social anxiety, this is a huge one for mild autism symptoms. The telltale sings of autism is repetitive behaviour and obsessive interstices, this also translates to women with autism and Aspergers in girls.

Autism In Girls


Girls with ASD can present themselves as typical, but to the person who understands the condition of autism and Asperger’s syndrome it may be easy to spot women with autism.

The autistic girl has always been a topic that has been some what missed, this is one of the mission of The Aspie World to create awareness for autism.

A search of autism symptoms checklist on google will show up lots and lots of autism symptoms and Aspergers traits. But these will almost always be from a male perspective of diagnosing aspergers symptoms in men and not in girls.

This video is dedicated to the understanding of autism within females and autism spectrum disorder. Helping girls with autism have a better chance of getting through a females autism test to a successful diagnosis is an important thing to do.


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