ASPERGERS: Should YOU use Melatonin For SLEEP?


Does melatonin for sleep help people with Aspergers? Find out in this video!

So the big question is how to help a child with aspergers sleep, or does melatonin for sleep help people on the autism spectrum?

There are a host of aspergers treatments and autism sleep medication around, but the big one everyone talks about is melatonin.

Melatonin Gummies

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates wakefulness, and is a top choice for people with aspergers in adults and parents of children with aspergers.

But does melatonin help people with aspergers sleep? I did a test an aspergers test if you will, to see if it worked and here is my video.


How to get an autistic child with aspergers to sleep? Maybe this is your way. I also have a video on an aspergers test you can watch here (VIDEO)

Lots of help care professionals will say that it will help you and your typical doctor can prescribe melatonin to a patient if they are in need off it and if they ask for it.


Lots of people including those with aspergers syndrome are wanting to be more natural and not medicated as much with drugs. Melatonin is not a drug and is a natural occurring hormone, this is why it may be more popular with people on the autism spectrum.

I created a video about autism and medication you can check out here (VIDEO).

Do I think melatonin helps aspergers and sleep in adults, I would say yes due to the data I collected through my small controlled test. So I would say aspergers melatonin for sleep is a good way to go to help any one on the spectrum sleep or any one who aligns with aspergers symptoms.

Whether you were diagnosed with autism as a child or align with mild aspergers symptoms in adults, I would recommend just checking out melatonin to see if it can help you.

This is also true for parents who are always looking for how to get an autistic child to sleep, again i think melatonin may be awesome in that help.

Melatonin For Sleep is an excellent hack, and also melatonin for kids is super common so it is worth checking out.

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