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Is It Asperger’s Syndrome?

You need to know these Asperger Symptoms to identify if someone is on the Autism Spectrum.

The condition can also be referred to as a hidden disability.

Being able to spot autistic symptoms in someone could help them access understating and help they need.

Knowing if the person you know has an autism could help them massively in the way you understand their behaviour patterns.

Asperger’s Syndrome some times classed in the more high functioning autism spectrum disorders. Although functioning labels are not the best way to describe an autistic person, this is just a way of explaining it.

People with Asperger’s Syndrome, typically have a higher than average I.Q and are verbally able to communicate.

There are other issues with people with Asperger’s where they cannot find clothing that is wearable due to hyper sensitivity. I have a clothing line specifically designed for this that you can check out HERE.


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